Je wilt graag als klant extra ondersteuning en misschien ben je ondernemer of als zelfstandig professional werkzaam. Ben je werkzaam in een van de volgende sectoren?  ICT, Internet, Toerisme, Automotive, Telecom, Chemie, Horeca, Sport, (Internationale) zakelijke  dienstverlening . Grote kans dat we elkaar ontmoeten!

Avantium N.V.

Tanja is the perfect interim assistant. She helped us when we were in the midst of our preparations for our IPO. She was able to hit the ground running, by creating clarity and structure. She is very organized, has a good sense for the people around her and she communicates in a timely manner. She knows what it takes to work under pressure and never misses a deadline. I never had to check if actions were taken or jobs were completed. She is also very lively, likes to joke and have fun, but she always takes her job very serious. She stayed a lot longer than she normally does to gives us sufficient time to implement a permanent solution. I fully recommend her services to anyone

Tanja: je was super, dank voor je hulp om ons in zeer dynamische tijden bij te staan! Calm & collected, overzicht & organisatie. Het Avantium team zal je missen! Tom van Aken, CEO

Geweldig hoe je ons geholpen hebt in de afgelopen periode, zeer professioneel, uiterst efficiënt en altijd rustig. dankjewel! Je bent de perfecte interimmer. Frank Roerink, CFO

Arizona Chemical BV

Tanja is op 4 april 2011 gestart als interim HR Administrator Europe. Ze werd geconfronteerd met een hoge werkdruk, in combinatie met een achterstand in het werk. Vanaf dag 1 heeft Tanja de werkzaamheden met veel voortvarendheid opgepakt. Ze had genoeg aan een enkel woord om haar taken uit te voeren. In de ca. 6 maanden dat ze op de afdeling heeft gewerkt, heeft ze alle dagelijkse werkzaamheden uitgevoerd en de achterstand weggewerkt. In deze periode heeft ze ook een goed contact met de collega’s opgebouwd. Nadat ze begin oktober haar opvolgster had ingewerkt, hebben we haar gevraagd om het secretariaat voor de afdeling Science & Technology en Regulatory op te zetten in afwachting van een nieuwe collega. Ze heeft dit 3 maanden gedaan. De terugkoppeling van haar manager was positief. Tanja is altijd vrolijk en opgewekt en weet van aanpakken. Bij een volgende gelegenheid zullen we zeker weer een beroep op haar doen.  Sieta Vermeulen, Sr. Human Resource Manager, Arizona Chemical BV

Initiative Media

Initiative Media “During the time I was the Global CIO of Initiative Media Tanja has worked for me as my personal assistant. Tanja is very proactive, enthusiastic and always willing to do the extra mile. The energy and drive she expresses is absolutely motivating.” Peter van Dijk, Chief Information Officer Global, Initiative Media Worldwide managed Tanja at Initiative Media

With Tanja as my PA, I had the luxury of being able to focus on the right things, since I know that Tanja would help me to coordinate my business-life. Tanja is well structured and goal orientated and was a pleasure to work with.” Marc de Vries, Managing Director Northern Europe, Monster Worldwide managed Tanja at Monster

Bank of Scotland (Lloyds Banking Group)

Tanja joined the Bank of Scotland/Lloyds TSB branch at a difficult time, during a major reorganization, therefore making this a very hectic start. Her main responsibilities were to perform the majority of general HR related duties, such as all general HR related correspondence (change of terms, employee benefit confirmations, legal correspondence, exit letters etc.) She was responsible for keeping the Personnel Files in perfect order, clearing away a huge backlog in filling due to the reorganization. Also she closely monitored the exit process, contacting exiting employees during the difficult time of reorganization, to offer support, a crying shoulder and in addition finalizing their settelement payments (Stamrecht BV’s, Bankspaar constructions). She kept in close contact with the landlords because of expat rental apartments. Ms. Egbers was also responsible for processing changes for the monthly payroll process (however always following the four eye principle) and liaising directly with the payroll provider ADP. In addition she was responsible for monthly headcount reporting, ARBO reporting and also staying in close contact with long term sick employees, making sure that the ARBO process was followed correctly at all times in close cooperation with the Company Doctor and UWV. Ms. Egbers strong points are her excellent ‘deep dive’capabilities, which are important whilst performing an interim role. She can be very direct, which was well appreciated especially in correspondence with lawyers etc. She has made a positive and welcome contribution to the bank and proved to be a pleasant colleague. Martine Beckers, HR Manager Netherland, Bank of Scotland

Pon Holdings

As an American working abroad for the first time, I am thankful that I had Tanja there every step of the way (before, during, and after arrival). She was well organized and communicated with me in a timely manner, ensuring the success of my legal transition into the Dutch workplace. In addition, she was very personable and easy going, which made the entire experience enjoyable overall. I fully recommend her services to any company, especially those brining in expats from the United States. January 14, 2014, C. Harris was Tanja’s client

QFace ICT Dienstverleners

“Tanja is very committed and has a very good attitude to her work. Just a few words are enough for her to organize and arrange things in a very independent and accurate way. She is precise, accurate and well organized and furthermore a very nice colleague”  Erik Holtz, Commercial Director, QFace ICT Dienstverleners managed Tanja at QFACE ICT Dienstverleners/ Proface